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During what time period does the book take place?

Hidden Within is set well into the future, but not so far that society is unrecognizable.

What’s the difference between the UPHC, the Alliance, the VolturnianConfederation, and the Mars Federation?

The UPHC (United Planets of Human Colonization) and the Alliance is the same thing. The Alliance is just a colloquial way of referring to it. The Alliance is a military, financial, and political collaboration between all the off-sol nations, like a mix between the EU and the UN.
The Volturnian Confederation is a collaboration between the nations on the two moons Aegir and Ran, that orbit the gas giant Volturn.
The Mars Federation is a trade union between most of the nations on Mars.
Once every quarter, members of the boards of the different organizations get together in a virtual meeting, the Joint Committee, to discuss common topics and policies, and occasionally drawing up mutual agreements.

What different nationalities live on the different planets in the Alliance?

The Alliance is a mix of all the different nationalities of Earth. When people first started leaving, it was for reasons beyond nationality and culture, usually for research or profit, a desire to move beyond Earth in a spirit of pioneering and progress. Because of the hardships of colonization, the new societies were often tight-knit, and people would generally identify more with their new home than the one their parents left behind. Their heritage has become mostly a colorful backdrop. Still, there are places where people from predominantly similar cultural backgrounds congregate.

Is it more like Star Wars or Star Trek? 

It’s actually more like a mix of Alien and Star Trek, just not quite as far progressed.
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