“Hidden Within”

Science Fiction / Space Opera

At the edge of the explored universe, a deep space probe detects antimatter under the surface of an uninhabited desert planet. In a society where access to premium goods and services relies on interstellar shipping, few vessels are FTL-capable and the antimatter fuel to run them expensive. The discovery has the potential to alter the balance of the entire human Alliance.

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“Saving Grace”

Suspense / Thriller

In the small town of Alderidge a child goes missing during the autumn Light Festival.

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Short Stories

“No Man’s Land”

Science Fiction / Dystopia

“I never thought the end of days would have blue skies. It always seemed like the dying of humanity should have been accompanied by thunder, ash clouds, and the death of all things. As it turned out the sun kept rising, the flowers kept blooming, and the birds still sang to welcome spring. It was just the people who disappeared. Almost all of them.”

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