“The immortality Game” by Ted Cross

About the book Zoya is a young woman, struggling to get by in Moscow in the year 2138. The world is still reeling after a total collapse during the late 21st century. One day, while Zoya is at work, her wayward brother stops…
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“Solitude Creek” by Jeffery Deaver

About the book Solitude Creek is the fourth novel in the Kathryn Dance series. The others are The Sleeping Doll, Roadside Crosses, and XO. Kathryn Dance is a CBI agent who lives and works in Monterey, CA, as a kinetics…
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“The Flicker Men” by Ted Kosmatka

About the book Eric Argus is a physicist with a troubled past. After a mental breakdown he is given a second chance to revive his stalled career by an old friend at Hansen Research in Boston. The plot centers around the double slit experiment,…
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