“The immortality Game” by Ted Cross

About the book
Zoya is a young woman, struggling to get by in Moscow in the year 2138. The world is still reeling after a total collapse during the late 21st century.

One day, while Zoya is at work, her wayward brother stops by and talks her into hiding a mysterious package for him. This reluctant act of kindness gets Zoya involved with the mafia, and a race to save her family, her friends, and herself.

The Immortality Game is a dystopian science fiction novel, or technothriller if you will, that will make you ponder where we’re headed.

My thoughts
Today I am delighted to review a novel by an indie author, who I didn’t even know was an indie author when I bought his book. A book, I might add, of at least as high, if not higher, quality than many traditionally published books. As seems to be increasingly the case these days. Times are a-changing.

The society that Cross depicts is one of the more relatable ones I’ve experienced in futuristic novels. I believe every bit of it. The technology seems like a perfectly natural development from what we have today, given the lost years during the collapse. For better or worse.

In retrospect, the one thing that has stuck with me the most though, is the characters. They have real depth. Somewhere around the middle of the novel I realized that Zoya was truly being impacted by the data card. Her character was slowly and subtly changing. It was so beautifully written, that I didn’t notice, at first. A case study of character development, right there.

I imagine there will be one or two potential readers who are put off by the fact that it takes place mainly in Russia. I quite enjoy it. Life is not one sided. Neither is the world. It’s time to explore all pages of this great book we call Earth. You can start by buying this book.

In short, this is a terrific read. The pace is high, the plot is intricate, and the characters have depth. There was really only one thing in the Immortality Game that made me mentally question its validity: how does Marcus run so far without collapsing, considering his physique? I know I couldn’t. Perhaps fear really is a great motivator.

I give the Immortality Game an easy  with cookies and cream on top. Buy it, read it. It’s worth every penny. This is one indie author you’re gonna want to keep an eye on.

About the author
Ted Cross has spent the past two decades traveling the world as a diplomat, all the time dreaming about writing fantasy and science fiction. He’s visited nearly forty countries and lived in seven, including the U.S., Russia, China, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, and Azerbaijan. He’s witnessed coup attempts, mafia and terrorist attacks, played chess with several world champions, and had bit parts in a couple of movies. He currently lives in Baku, Azerbaijan with his lovely wife and two teenage sons.
Source: http://www.breakwaterharborbooks.com/index.html

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