“Solitude Creek” by Jeffery Deaver

About the book
Solitude Creek is the fourth novel in the Kathryn Dance series. The others are The Sleeping Doll, Roadside Crosses, and XO.

Kathryn Dance is a CBI agent who lives and works in Monterey, CA, as a kinetics expert. During interrogations and interviews she reads the body language of suspects and witnesses to determine whether or not they’re telling the truth.

In Solitude Creek, an interrogation goes bad and Kathryn Dance is suspended and demoted to Civil Division. During an investigation of a stampede in a roadhouse, causing several deaths and serious injuries, Kathryn finds evidence that suggests the stampede was intentional. Some sicko is intentionally blocking exits and causing people to panic, just so that he can watch them trample each other. The hunt is on.

My thoughts
Jeffery Deaver is one of the biggest names in thrillers, and if you like crime fiction chances are you’ve come across him before. Even if you don’t read (although, let’s be honest, if you don’t read you probably won’t be visiting my blog), you may have seen The Bone Collector featuring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. In which case you’re familiar with his most famous character, Lincoln Rhyme. While I love the Lincoln Rhyme series, I might actually like the Kathryn Dance series more.

First of all, kinetics is really cool. Have you seen the show Lie To Me with Tim Roth? (If not, watch it. I still can’t believe it only got three seasons.) Kathryn Dance is like a much more likeable Cal Lightman. Imagine the possibilities of being able to tell when someone is lying to you. Second thought, that might be depressing too. Still, it’s almost like a superpower.

Second of all, Jeffery Deaver was a lawyer. I wouldn’t really know, but it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about with the whole law enforcement thing.

Which brings me around to point number three. His characters. They are realistic, complex, and relatable. They act and talk like real people. They have bad days and good days, quirky families that sometimes do things that makes you shake your head, a boss who acts like a total douche from time to time. Friends and lovers with all that entails.

Finally his plot comes with just enough twists to keep you engaged and curious until the very end. Solitude Creek is no exception. The plot, the pace, and the characters are just as solid as every other book I’ve read by him. Certainly just as good as the previous three in the series. Now I only wish this wasn’t a new book, because now I have to wait ages for the next one.

Not only does Jeffery Deaver know his shit, he’s also a mighty fine writer drawing realistic and complex characters.
I give Solitude Creek , just like every other book I’ve ever read by Jeffery Deaver. One of the best, if not the best, when it comes to crime thrillers.

About the author
A former journalist, folksinger and attorney, Jeffery Deaver is an international number-one bestselling author. His books are sold in 150 countries and have been translated into over twenty-five languages.

The author of over thirty novels, three collections of short stories and a nonfiction law book, he’s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.

A frequent public speaker on the subject of books, literacy and writing, Deaver has delivered lectures and keynote addresses at hundreds of conferences and festivals around the world.

His book A Maiden’s Grave was made into an HBO movie starring James Garner and Marlee Matlin, and his novel The Bone Collector was a feature release from Universal Pictures, starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. His novel The Devil’s Teardrop was adapted for the screen and aired on Lifetime; it starred Tom Everett Scott and Natasha Henstridge. And, yes, the rumors are true; he did appear as a corrupt reporter on his favorite soap opera, As the World Turns.

He was born outside Chicago and has a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a law degree from Fordham University.
Source: http://www.jefferydeaver.com/about/

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